Naming, Personhood, and the Source of Life in the Iu-Mien (Pangu Yao) Society, Tianlin, Guangxi (Cong mingming tan Guangxi Tianling Pangu Yao ren de guocheng yu shengming de laiyuan). Taipei: Tangshan, 2003.

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This book describes the naming system of given names and the ritual of recalling souls for ill children in Iu-Mien (Pangu Yao) society in the northwest of Guangxi province. The Iu-Mien people believe in a symbolic garden called The Peach Spring (Taohuayuan) in which the flowers that symbolize the children's souls are planted. The power of given names is meant to complement children's inborn defect that accompanied them with their birth. In order to assist a child growing into his/her puberty, the ritual of recalling souls will be performed to make offerings to The Parents of the Flower King who tends the flower souls in The Peach Spring when a child gets ill. Simply put, this book provides detailed description in terms of social organization, the value of personhood, and ritual performance that have been greatly influenced by the Lü Shan Daoist School.

Language: Chinese (Traditional Characters)