Meiwen Chen

陳玫妏 Meiwen Chen


Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Asia-Africa Institute, University of Hamburg

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Conceptualizations of Personhood and the Origins of Life as seen in Naming Traditions among the Pan Yao of Tianlin, Guangxi (從命名談廣西田林盤古瑤人的構成與生命的來源). Taipei: Tangshan, 2003.

This book describes the naming system of given names and the ritual of recalling souls for ill children in Iu-Mien (Pangu Yao) society in the northwest of Guangxi province. The Iu-Mien people believe in a symbolic garden called The Peach Spring (Taohuayuan) in which the flowers that symbolize the children's souls are planted. The power of given names is meant to complement children's inborn defect that accompanied them with their birth. In order to assist a child growing into his/her puberty, the ritual of recalling souls will be performed to make offerings to The Parents of the Flower King who tend the flower souls in The Peach Spring when a child gets ill. Simply put, this book provides detailed description in terms of social organization, the value of personhood, and ritual performance that have been greatly influenced by the Lü Shan Daoist School.

Language: Traditional Chinese

Book Cover

Conceptualizations of Personhood and the Origins of Life as seen in Naming Traditions among the Pan Yao of Tianlin, Guangxi (从命名谈广西田林盘瑶的人观建构与生命来源). Beijing: Minzu Chubanshe, 2018.

A revised version in simplified Chinese is available.

Language: Simplified Chinese

PhD Thesis

2016 Gendered Ritual and Performative Literacy: Yao Women, Goddesses of Fertility, and the Chinese Imperial State. PhD thesis (Leiden University, 2016). LINK

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性别化的“他者”观:试论勉瑶支系《盘王大歌》中的帝国/国家观《从命名谈广西田林盘瑶的人观建构与生命来源》2018: 193-218 PDF

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2015 Religion as a Civilizing Process? Rethinking Yao Religious Culture and Ritual Manuscripts (宗教開化:針對瑤人宗教信仰與科儀珍本的考察與反思). The Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore《民俗曲藝》187: 155-209. (TSSCI) PDF

2011 Constructed History: Ethnic Yao in Modern China. Leidschrift 26.1: 93- 108. (ASAA [Asian Studies Association of Australia] “C” tier journal) PDF

書評 Book Reviews

2017 Goddess on the Frontier: Religion, Ethnicity, and Gender in Southwest China. Megan Bryson. Stanford University Press, 2016. Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 85.4: 1181-1183.

2011 Faiths on Display: Religion, Tourism, and the Chinese State. Tim Oakes and Donald S. Sutton (eds). Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2010. China Information, 25.3: 293-295. PDF

2009 (Chinese) Asian Borderlands: The Transformation of Qing China’s Yunnan Frontier. C. Patterson Giersch. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2006. Taiwan Journal of Anthropology 7(2): 197-200. PDF

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2009 Introduction to the Yao. (Chinese) WEB

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